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Introducing the Provisions 'Cheese Canteen'

We have been working to bring you a high-quality and reliable cheese subscription service for over 6 months now, and it's finally here! 

The Cheese Canteen will provide you with a seasonally themed, monthly changing selection of 5 farmhouse cheeses, focusing on the most exciting producers and best cheeses that we import. At the heart of Cheese Canteen is the concept of communal eating and shared experience. The service also provides enough information for you to learn and discuss with your friends and family while enjoying the products.

The Cheese Canteen includes 1kg of cheese and a descriptive leaflet with all the technical information about the cheeses. Perfect for people of all levels of knowledge that are curious about farmhouse cheeses! The cheeses come in a double-walled box that is 100% recyclable and that can travel safely from our store to you. We also use a wool liner and ice packs which allow the cheeses to remain in top condition during transit. All of our cheeses are cut and wrapped by us in store and sent to you on the day, allowing the products to come to you when they are at their freshest and best.
Please send us an email if you would prefer to pick your order from our Hackney Road shop.

How it works:

- Choose the number of months you wish to sign up for 
- Let us know if you have any special requirements (e.g. no goats cheese, no blue cheese)
- Type in your delivery address and proceed to payment for the first month
- You can pause the subscription anytime and choose the delivery day each month. 

Sign up options:
  • 1 month for £32 per month
  • 3 months for £31 per month
  • 6 months for £30 per month
  • 9 months for £29 per month
  • 12 months for £28 per month


August 2022

A Seasonal Selection

Cabécou de Rocamadour is a long name for such a small cheese, but it’s also a reminder that good things come in twos: produced in the arid plains near Cahors, these tiny discs conceal a richly flavoured cheese, and balance creaminess with an intense, goaty flavour. Moving south-west to the French Basque, Lou Nousté is a firm sheep’s milk cheese made by the Béarnaise shepherds co-operative. Its full yet unassertive flavours are perfect for summer lunches, whether eaten alone or shaved into a salad. Roquefort, from the nearby Averyon, needs little introduction: its intense, salty piquancy has made it the go-to blue cheese for many. Most Roquefort made nowadays is an industrialised imitation of the real thing, sacrificing strength of flavour for simplicity of production, but ours comes from the smallest producer in the region. Moving east to the Rhône valley, Saint-Félicien is a creamy cow’s milk cheese with a farmy, lactic flavour, perfect for drinking with a crisp white wine. Finally, our fourteen-month aged Comté from Marcel Petite is a perfect addition to your cheeseboard: buttery, fruity, and impossible to resist!


Cheese Canteen

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