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Trip Report: Jura & Savoie

Meeting the people behind the products we import is one of the most pleasurable parts of working for Provisions. The pride and passion shown not just for the products they produce, but the regions they work in is always inspiring. A visit to the Savoie and Jura promised to be no exception.

Provisions Summer Party 29.07

This has been an annual tradition, where we request a one-night extension of our license from the Islington Council, allowing us to enjoy a night of drinking, dancing and fun at our Holloway Road shop.

Pays Basque Trip Report

The beautiful region in South-West France straddles the Pyrénées and the Atlantic Ocean - it is a culinary melting pot, a true treat for food lovers. As you can imagine it it was a trip we had been relishing for some time.

Wine Trip Report - September 2022

The Provisions team has just returned from a prolific trip around France! A visit of no less than a dozen producers was the perfect opportunity to debrief on the new projects and developments of our winemakers.

Why we are starting a Wine School

The Provisions Wine School runs laidback, social, and informative courses to share our passion for wine. We aim to cut through the thicket of terminology and snobbery that can stop people from falling in love with wine and give students the knowledge to explore the world of wine. Our courses...

Interview with Valentine Benoist - MHVC x Provisions collaboration

This Spring, we are delighted to launch a collaboration with a long-time regular, neighbour and friend of Provisions: Valentine Benoist, from My Hungry Valentine Ceramics. She has created especially a beautiful collection of bespoke homeware ceramics based on Provisions colours, for you to use at home.For the launch of the collection, we have...