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Solania - San Marzano Tomato


Summer San Marzano tomatoes in a tin. Top quality tomatoes that with bring a juiciness and richness to your cooking !

San Marzano tomatoes are widely recognised by chefs as the finest tomatoes in the world, allowing for unrivalled depths of flavour. Also known as pomodori pelati (peeled tomatoes), San Marzano tomatoes are grown in a small area around Naples. The variety has been awarded a DOP by the EU, which specifies the precise cultivar, processing method and region in which the tomatoes can be grown.

These plum tomatoes are grown in the rich volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius, which gives them a sweeter flavour with low acidity, a firm pulp, low water and seed content and deep colour. Real San Marzano tomatoes have a long shape and meaty texture that allows them to be peeled and canned whole without falling apart.

Solania was founded with the clear intention of cultivating its passion and converting it into genuine specialties. Its name derives from the Latin Solanaceae (the name used to identify the big family to which tomatoes belong). Solania's mission is to produce genuine products by respecting the natural delicacy of the tomatoes during their transformation.

Ingredients : Tomatoes.

Allergens : None 

Weight : 400g

Solania - San Marzano Tomato

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