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W H A T   I S   P R O V I S I O N S ?

Provisions is a wine and cheese importer with a shop on Holloway Road, Islington, that opened in 2015 (with a second shop on Hackney Road that opened in April 2022). We import and wholesale carefully selected, artisan products from small, natural and organic producers, mainly in France and Italy, but also from across Europe. We work with organic/biodynamic and natural winemakers, raw milk cheesemakers and other artisan producers (tinned fish from Portugal, cured meats from the French Basque, craft beer from England, etc.). Our aim is to make wine and artisan food affordable and accessible, rather than elitist, and to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with you.


G A S T R O N O M I C   P L E A S U R E   &   T A S T E

Gastronomic pleasure is at the heart of what we do, with a focus on taste and exceptional quality. We want Provisions to reflect our personal taste and for our products to be the centrepiece for shared experiences at home. We carefully select products and build relationships with suppliers so we can provide the best raw materials for people to enhance their cooking at home.


S H A R I N G   K N O W L E D G E

We want to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for the products that we love, in a way that makes the customer feel included. We want the customer to feel as connected as possible to the producers by passing on the stories and information we learn from farm visits. Through working with other likeminded restaurants and shops across London, we have built strong relationships with chefs and shop owners. These relationships are important to us, and we do everything we can to make sure the product knowledge is passed all the way along to the consumer.

We put a great deal of care into the curation, seasonality and presentation of our products. As well as sourcing the best quality cheese and meats, we know how to select, cut and look after our products. We mature some of our hard paste cheeses and provide the right conditions for storing and packaging fresh cheeses.




We choose to work with farmers who are organic and often biodynamic. For us it’s so important to not just avoid harmful chemicals and fertilizers, but to also give back and nurture the earth from which we take. We focus on low intervention wines and raw milk cheese not only so we can truly taste the specific character of a region, but also in order to not allow anything unnatural into our bodies.

Where possible we use biodegradable materials, and we are always searching for new technological improvements to constantly become a better company ecologically.

We endeavour to always work with people whose goal it is to look after the earth.