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Fleur Du Maquis


Fleur Du Maquis is a small disc of cheese covered with herbs weighing around 350g. Once opened you will find a bright white paste, with a soft texture similar to Ricotta but a bit denser due to its longer maturation time. It is very herbaceous on the nose, but delicate and fresh on the palate with high acidity, some lemony notes and a gentle nuttiness. Herbs from the Corsican ‘Maquis’ give this cheese a unique and very aromatic flavor profile which is reminiscent of the surrounding region of the Mediterranean Sea. As the cheese matures, it will get stronger in flavor and the herbaceous elements will develop.

Fleur du Maquis is made from the milk of Lacaune ewes. Milk is collected from local farmers daily, then heated and left to settle. The curd is then be broken into pieces and placed in a mold to get its final shape. The cheese is left to drain, then salted by hand. The excess whey will drained off the cheese and kept to make the famous Brocciu. The maturation process can vary between 1 month and 3 months. Some dried herbs will be added to the cheese while it is still fresh, including some Savory, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Marjoram and Basil.

Fleur Du Maquis, also known as Brin d’Amour, or ‘a little love’, is a relatively new cheese, created in 1953 by Mr Corsaletti. Its name comes from the mix of herbs native from the area that surround the cheese : Fleur Du Maquis meaning Flower of the scrubland.

Our Fleur du Maquis is produced by the Ottavi Family, who have been making cheese since 1896, handing down their knowledge and tradition for generations. Their dairy is based in Ghisonaccia, on the east coast of Corsica between Bastia and Porto Vecchio.

Fleur du Maquis will pair perfectly with a dry white Patrimonio or a light bodied red with a touch of spice. You could also have it with fig, black cherry, or apricot jam !

Ingredients : Milk (sheep's), Salt, Traditional rennet, Dried herbs. Pasteurised.

Allergens : Milk 

Fleur Du Maquis

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