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Campofilone - Fettucine


The Fettuccine produced by Campofilone is an exquisite representation of Italian culinary excellence. Handcrafted in the charming town of Campofilone, these egg-enriched fettuccine are celebrated for their exceptionally thin and delicate nature, designed to perfectly complement a variety of delectable sauces.

Created with the finest durum wheat and fresh eggs, Campofilone's Fettuccine showcases the artistry of Italian pasta production. With a subtle, nutty flavor and a silky texture, these noodles offer a memorable culinary experience. Whether bathed in a hearty Bolognese or lightly dressed with aromatic olive oil and herbs, they provide a taste of the traditional flavors and artisanal mastery for which Italy is renowned.

La Campofilone have been producing top-quality egg pasta by merging tradition and innovation since 1912. It is the only pasta producer in the region to own the complete food chain, meaning all the raw materials needed to make the pasta are produced within its own 120 hectares of land. They harvest their own non-GMO wheat and also have their own chicken farm.

This pasta needs 2 minutes to cook and serve 3-4 people.

Ingredients : Durum wheat semolina, Fresh eggs.

Allergens : Gluten, Eggs

Weight : 250g

Campofilone - Fettucine

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