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Atelier Kramar - Primario - Gorizka Brda, Slovenia


100% Rebula

Rebula (or Ribolla Gialla when planted over the border in the north of Italy) has long been prized. In 1402, the city of Udine passed a law that specifically prohibited the adulteration of wine made with this grape. Other wines? They didn’t care as much! 

Gorizka Brda is just over the border from Italy. It’s about an hour north of Trieste and sits in rolling hills at the foot of the Dolomites. This region strikes the perfect balance between the warmth of the Adriatic - which helps the grapes ripen - and the cooling influence of the mountains - which helps the grapes retain acidity. 

Katja and Matjaz Kramar are a husband and wife team - an artist and a sculptor - who fell in love with winemaking after taking it up as a hobby. This is a skin-contact wine, a traditional way of making wine in the region, where the skins of the grapes are allowed to soak in the juice to add colour, flavour, and tannin. 

Tasting notes : Mandarin, pear, apricot. A super-classy orange wine with gentle tannins and lovely freshness.

Food pairing : Try this with a strongly-flavoured cheese, such as Taleggio !

Atelier Kramar - Primario - Gorizka Brda, Slovenia

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