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Provisions Wine Subscription

 The Provisions Wine Subscription offers 'learn while you drink' natural wine experiences through a series of themed, monthly adventures curated by our team.


Since 2015, Provisions has been working with small, independent winemakers who prioritise quality over quantity. We import the wines we love to drink, from winemakers who let healthy grapes do their thing by eschewing the use of chemicals in the vineyard and taking a hands-off approach in the cellar.


The wines we import are, by their nature, unique and full of character. They are available in limited qualities and are the antithesis of mass-produced, homogenised wine that you find in supermarkets. These wines express their terroir: the soil and climate of the particular vineyard where the grapes were grown.


We like to use our monthly wine cases to tell a story. The case themes can take you on an expedition through the Alps or to the heart of a single grape variety. Opening a wine can provide us with an emotional connection to the past. Each bottle captures the result of weather patterns and harvest of specific years, and reminds us what we were doing at the time. The purity of natural wines directly links us to the earth and the resulting flavours, nuances, and tension created by different soils and climates.


We believe wine should be accessible rather than elitist. Our tasting sheets are designed for you to learn while you taste, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of wine on a whole new level!

You can take the opportunity to get access to better prices if you sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months. Then you don't have to worry about a thing! We deliver UK-wide.


£115 / month for 3 months
£110 / month for 6 months
£105 / month for 12 months


We look forward to sharing the wine adventures with you!





Discover this month's selection and subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months here.