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Neufchâtel is one of the five cheeses that has an appellation in Normandy. It is an unpasteurised, cow's milk cheese from the Pays de Bray, in the lower part of Normandy between Rouen and the Channel. Neufchâtel production is believed to date back to the 6th century. Back in the day in rural Normandy, Neufchatel was considered ripe when maggots were discovered inside. This was considered a delicacy !

Neufchâtel has a white bloomy rind and is shaped into a heart. The inside is crumbly at the core and creamy on the outer parts, with a good level of salinity. When it matures, it gains salinity and turns into a more of a yellow straw/brown colour. Best paired with a dry apple cider, ideally from Normandy, or a sour Saison !

Ingredients : Milk (cow's), Salt, Traditional rennet. Unpasteurised.

Allergens : Milk 


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