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IContadini - Olive Tapenade - Il Pesto Di Olive Leccine (100g)


I Contadini's Olive Tapenade, known as "Il Pesto Di Olive Leccine," is a delectable creation that pays homage to the prized Leccino olives. Carefully crafted, this tapenade is a harmonious blend of bold, briny flavors, and the rich essence of these Mediterranean gems.

A versatile condiment, "Il Pesto Di Olive Leccine" adds a burst of savory sophistication to a multitude of dishes. Whether spread on crusty bread, paired with cheeses, or incorporated into your favorite recipes, this olive tapenade embodies the culinary traditions of the Mediterranean, offering a delightful taste of the sun-soaked flavors of the region.

The I Contadini farm, in Puglia, which is now run by the family’s third generation, was founded on one of the most favourable terrains for cultivating organic vegetables. The combination of sun, soil composition and sea influence are what make Puglia such a famously fertile land, capable of producing excellent vegetables. Il Contadini in Ugento employs integrated farming methods in order to work more sustainably, and every step of production is carried out within the company.

This Olive Tapenade is the perfect antipasti for sunny days !

Ingredients : Olives, Sunflower oil, Aubergine, Almond, Parmesan, Olive oil, Lemon, Garlic, Salt, Black pepper.

Weight : 100g

IContadini - Olive Tapenade - Il Pesto Di Olive Leccine (100g)

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