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Tomme aux Fleurs


Our Tomme aux Fleurs, is a dense, wheel-shaped cheese with a yellow paste and flowers covering the rind. The flowers, which are added after maturation of the cheese, give a gentle aromatic flavor on the palate and strong farmy note on the nose. Tomme aux Fleurs has a rich milky flavor with a touch of nuttiness, and also a herbaceous and floral purity that reflects the terroir of where it is made.

The milk used for this production is from cows fed only with hay, grass and wildflowers native to the Austrian Alps. It is an uncooked, pressed cheese, and the flowers are added at the very last stage of maturation. Traditional rennet is added to morning milk, it is then gently heated and stirred. The curd is then put into a mold and pressed. The cheese is submerged in a salty brine for 48 hours and then the maturation process begins. It is matured for 4 months in the cellar, where it is flipped and salted regularly.

Our Tomme aux fleurs comes from the Käse Moosbrugge dairy that was founded in 1996 and is now managed by Stefan Fessler. The cows producing the milk graze in the pastures of Bergenzerwald, Western Austria. Products from this dairy are labelled with ‘Wäldergold’ which means ‘Gold of the Mountain’. The cheese used to be called Spring Tomme and originated in Austrian Tyrol. It is now more common and has enticed many producers, with versions ranging from the French Alsace and Alps, and also Switzerland.

Tomme aux fleurs will pair perfectly with a fresh and mineral Riesling from Alsace with a bit of richness to it. You can eat it without the rind for a gentle floral expression, or eat it with the rind for a stronger and more intensified flavour experience.

Ingredients: Milk (cow's), salt, traditional rennet, dried flowers. Unpasteurised.

Allergens: Milk

Tomme aux Fleurs

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