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Stravacco is a raw, cow's milk cheese from Bruna cows. The farm that our Stravacco comes from, Ponte Vecchio, is located in the middle of the Prosecco hills, the heart of the Veneto region. The Curto family founded the Consortium Diolabruna, which promotes cheeses made with the Bruna cow’s milk. They produce their own grass and cereals to feed the animals. The farm is very modern, with robots feeding and milking the cattle throughout the day, whenever it pleases the cows!

Stravacco is a round cheese with a white rind that has a basket pattern imprint left from its maturation period. The texture is a little porous, and there is a slight saltiness combined with lactic notes. The taste is sweet and buttery, with a strong aroma of yoghurt and underbrush. Best paired with a local Prosecco or a Venetian Merlot.

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