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Beaufort Chalet d'Alpage


Beaufort is a cow’s milk, hard paste cheese made in the French Alps. A version of Beaufort is said to date back to Roman times, but officially the Beaufort originated in the commune of Beaufort in the late middle ages. The weight of a whole Beaufort is about 42kg, which requires approximately 450L of milk to make. The milk must come from Abondance and the Tarrine breeds, which are short legged cows that can walk for long hours, helping to produce a rich milk. The milk is heated in a large copper vat and the curd is cut into tiny grains before being moulded in its unique concave shape.

Our Beaufort is generally a summer Beaufort. The Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage is the most traditional one and also the most pricey. Both the milking and the cheese production take place in pastures of high elevation during summer. The shape of the cheese comes from the way farmers transport the cheese from the mountains back to the valley. They would tie a rope around the cheeses and put one wheel on each side of the cow.

Beaufort has an orange/light brown rind that is fairly pungent. The paste is yellow, fatty, generally not homogeneous and easily breakable. The cheese is buttery and fruity, with hints of straw.

Ingredients : Milk (cow's), Salt, Traditional rennet.

Allergens : Milk 

Beaufort Chalet d'Alpage

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