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Provisions Wine School

Provisions Wine School London

Drink. Learn. Enjoy. 


One of our goals at Provisions is to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for wine. But we understand that wine shops can be confusing and intimidating places. Faced with a wall of wine, full of flashy labels, hard to pronounce names, and grape varieties that may as well be Greek, where do you begin? 

So, we decided to start the Provisions Wine School. Our courses are designed for those who have an interest in learning more about what they drink. You don’t need any knowledge or qualifications or shiny pin badges to join. Each course is based around collaboration and discussion with our educators and your fellow students and designed to improve your knowledge of and confidence with wine. 



What will I learn?

Our courses aim to give you the knowledge and skills needed to explore the world of wine and food. You’ll learn:

  • How to accurately describe a wine’s flavour and structure and discover which styles of wine you enjoy.
  • Why some wine and food pairings work well and others don’t. You’ll also get lots of practice trying different combinations of food and wine. 
  • The difference between words like “organic”, “biodynamic”, “minimal intervention” and “natural”.
  • How to decode a restaurant wine list and always get the best value for money. 
  • How to confidently discuss wine with family, friends, and colleagues. 


Provisions Wine School London


Upcoming Course: Intro to Wine & Food 

Week 1 - How to taste wine

Learn how to describe and analyse a wine like a pro. Explore the role that sugar, acidity, tannin and alcohol play in determining the style of a wine and how different foods have an impact on how you taste. 

Week 2 - Terroir and viticulture

An introduction to terroir. Discover how climate and soil impact the style and quality of a wine. Learn how climate change is impacting winemakers and how we are adapting to reduce the impact of viticulture on the environment. 

Week 3 - White and skin-contact wines

Discover how white and skin-contact wines are made. Learn about how wine is manipulated in the cellar and why many winemakers are moving away from conventional winemaking practices. Learn how to pair different wines and cheeses. 

Week 4 - Red and rosé wines

An introduction to red and rosé winemaking. Discover new styles of wine that straddle the two categories and how to tell when a wine is corked. Learn how to pair wines with meat, fish, and vegetables. 

Week 5 - Sparkling and sweet wines

An introduction to how Champagne, Prosecco and Pet-Nats are made. Learn about different styles of sweet wine, and how to pair wine with sweet and spicy food. 

Week 6 - The history of wine and the wine industry

Uncover wine’s 8000-year history from the Caucasus to the Cistercians to the current day. Break down the price of a bottle of wine and find out where your money really goes. Debate the term “natural” wine and find out what it means to you. 



What is included?


  • Food and wine samples each evening
  • A set of Provisions wine tasting glasses to keep
  • A Provisions tasting booklet to track the wine you taste
  • Access to exclusive wine and food discounts



When, where, how much?

'Intro to Wine & Food' run at our shop on Holloway Road and in the private rooms of some of London's best wine bars.


1. January 17th - February 21st - Monday evenings SOLD OUT
Antidote Wine Bar, Soho - £295 per person


2. March 7th - April 11th - Monday evenings 7-9.30pm
Antidote Wine Bar, Soho - £295 per person





Provisions Wine School London


Do I need a wine qualification or prior knowledge to join the course?

No. The course is designed for anyone who is curious to learn more about wine. We don’t require any prior knowledge of wine at all. 

Where are the courses run?

We run our courses from our shop on Holloway Road and the backrooms of some of central London’s best wine bars and restaurants. 

How many students are on each course?

Our courses run on collaboration and discussion. For this reason numbers are strictly capped at 12 students per class. 

Do you cater to dietary requirements? 

We do our best to cater to all dietary requirements. Please make a note of this when you enquire about booking a space. 

Is there an exam?

No. We want you to learn but also enjoy the course so we don’t require students to take an exam. 

Can I get certification of my attendance on the course? 

Yes. Upon completion of the course you will receive an electronic certificate of your attendance. 

I have more questions!

For any further questions or enquiries please email